LuxePineapple- The un-subscription beauty box!


Have you heard of LuxePineapple? I recently “discovered” them although they have been around for a good while! We all know about Ipsy and Birchbox and other subscription based beauty boxes, but what about one where you don’t have to subscribe. LuxePineapple is just that and so much more. They offer several new “Boxes of joy” monthly in limited quantity’s and other beauty items as well. There is a mystery box offered at times, read about it here. With a wide range of beauty items including makeup and skin care items. These are quality items (not knock-off’s) from a very wide-range of beauty brands.  I chatted with the owner, Liz and she is all about customer service and quality products for her customers, (aka friends when you here her talk!) and she is just peachy, or should I change that to “Pineapply”,  we can make that a word, can’t we?!?! I had chatted with her about a position within the company and knew it was a good fit for me. Thank goodness she agreed and I am now the Skin Care expert for LuxePineapple, a good match, indeed!

Here is the current Box of Joy (limited!) review from Agape love girl, You should follow her because she is amazing. She is the Beauty expert for LuxePineapple.

Send your skin care questions to skincare@luxepineapple and I will be answering as many of them as I can!!!!

Here are my first items from them. I will write a review on the products themselves soon.

Get your Box of Joy and browse the Pineapple store here!

Free shipping within the USA, but check the FAQ page for details. You can find out about the rewards/referral program there as well.

LuxePineapple in the Huffington post, how cool is that?!?!

Follow them so you don’t miss a thing. Also, make sure to sign up for the newsletter so you can get the inside scoop and see some of the answered skin care questions with tips! They are really interactive on their FB page as well.


Instagram @ luxepineapple

Can’t wait to hear what you think of them as well, let me know on the FB page for Gorgeous-Glamour!


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